Poland 2013: Czerwony krąg &’s Documentary on The Polish GROM

I was invited by my Polish publisher ZNAK to come to Warsaw for a book signing, and decided to set the trip up to coincide with documentary on the Polish GROM. I did a bunch of media to promote my book the first week, and then met up with the GROM.

The GROM have served alongside American SOF in Iraq and Afghanistan and have a great (and well earned) reputation within the U.S. Special Operations community.

They are the first Special Ops unit featured in our USAA sponsored Dark and Silent series on Dark and Silent: GROM

A little bit of GROM history from Wikipedia

After two Polish diplomats were shot in Beirut, Lt. Col. Sławomir Petelicki was sent to Lebanon to secure the transfer of civilians and the Polish diplomatic outposts.

Upon his return to Poland, he presented his plan for the creation of a special military unit to the Ministry of Interior, a force that would be trained in special operations to be deployed in the defense of Polish citizens in situations similar to the one in Lebanon. Petelicki’s ideas were well received, and on July 13, 1990,GROM was formally established.

It was a great trip, a beautiful country, and I made some life-long friendships.

We have some incredible footage that we’re excited to share this year.