After serving in the SEAL Teams for almost a decade as well as running one of the best sniper programs in the world, I got out of the Navy, started a business and lost everything. My entire life savings were gone and then my wife asked me for a divorce. To say it was a low point in my life would be an understatement. I lost it all, and because I wasn't afraid to confront my fear of failure, I built a second business that's valued at over $100M today. I did this because I understand how to face and harness fear as an advantage.

I learned the value of facing and overcoming internal fear as a 16 year old kid who left home and reinforced this later with my experience as a U.S. Navy SEAL. I faced my own fears such as public speaking, heights, financial security and, relationships over and over until I made it a habit to confront fear and use it to my advantage. Once you do this you can unlock massive potential. This is the one secret I will discuss in depth in my new book, Mastering Fear. Pre-Order the book now and receive a Mastering Fear vinyl decal, patch and athletic shirt with your order. "Mastering Fear, A Navy SEAL's Guide releases August 7th 2018.

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Brandon Webb is a former US Navy SEAL sniper, New York Times bestselling author, Experimental aircraft pilot, and entrepreneur. He’s the founder of the Hurricane Groupa U.S. based digital entertainment, news and ecommerce company. Brandon is a member of the New York YPO (Young Presidents Organization) chapter, and serves as a board member on the veterans advisory committee to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Extended Bio

After leaving home at age sixteen Brandon finished high school, and joined the US Navy to become a Navy SEAL.  His first permanent assignment was as a helicopter Aircrew Search & Rescue (SAR) swimmer and Aviation Warfare Systems Operator with HS-6. In 1997 his Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) package was approved. He would class up with over 200 students in BUD/S class 215, and go on to complete the training as 1 of 23 originals.

As a SEAL he served with SEAL Team 3, Naval Special Warfare Group One (NSWG-1) Training Detachment sniper cell, and completed his last tour at the Naval Special Warfare Center (NSWC) sniper course where he served as the Naval Special Warfare west coast sniper course manager. Throughout his career he completed four deployments to the Middle East, one to Afghanistan and would later go back to Iraq in 2006-7 as a paramilitary contractor. His proudest accomplishment in the military was working as the SEAL sniper course manager, a schoolhouse that has produced some of the deadliest snipers in US military history.

An accomplished and proven leader, Brandon was meritoriously promoted to E-6 while serving as an advanced sniper instructor at NSWG-1, and was recommended and promoted to the rank of Chief Petty Officer (E-7) his first time eligible while at the sniper course. He has received numerous distinguished service awards including the Presidential Unit Citation (personally awarded to him by President George W. Bush), and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medal with “V” device for valor in combat. Webb ended his Navy career early after over a decade of service in order to spend more time with his children and focus on entrepreneurship (both his parents were small business owners).

Today Brandon is focused on building his first billion dollar business. He is the founder and CEO of the Hurricane Group, a Global Media to commerce business focused on military and outdoor entertainment (news, digital tv, & podcast), subscription based clubs and products.

Brandon is regularly featured in the media as a military and business subject matter expert. He has contributed to ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Today Show, FOX news, CNN, the BBC, SIRIUS XM, MSNBC, and The New York Times.

Webb is a New York Times bestselling author. His books include, The Red Circle (St. Martin’s Press) Among Heroes (Penguin-Random House),  Benghazi, The Definitive Report (Harper Collins), The ISIS Solution (SOFREP books), and The Power of Thought (self-published). He has two books scheduled to publish in 2017. The Killing School: Inside the World’s deadliest sniper program, is set to publish with St. Martin’s Press May, 2017. Total Focus: How to Make Better Decisions Under Pressure, publishes with Penguin Random House in the August, 2017.

In 2012, after losing his best friend, Navy SEAL & CIA contractor Glen Doherty, in Benghazi, Libya, he founded The Red Circle Foundation (RCF)a non-profit with a 100% pass through model; every dollar donated goes to the mission and business partner donors pick up the Foundation’s overhead. RCF is focused on supporting families of the Special Operations community through emergency memorial, medical, and child enrichment programs (camps & scholarships).

Brandon is a member of the New York YPO (Young Presidents Organization) chapter, and serves as a board member on the veterans advisory committee to the U.S. Small Business Administration.

He enjoys spending time with his tight circle of amazing family & friends, being outdoors, and flying his experimental aircraft upside-down. He splits his time between his residence in San Juan, PR and Manhattan, NY.

Military Service DD214

Note: I posted my abbreviated military record (and 4th Grade report card) because some former teammates (most dropped from the SEAL Teams for performance or drug related issues) have called my service into question on social media. I can only chalk this up to professional jealously, Post Traumatic Stress, or substance abuse issues.  It saddens me to see grown men behave this way and I can only hope these individuals find time to invest in their own selves. I am proud to have served my country for over 13 years, and stand by my books, and my official public military record (facts not gossip) which documents my entire career including a meritorious promotion when I was ranked #1 in my command, my combat experience and awards, and the time I served as the Navy SEAL sniper course manager as a Chief Petty Officer. 


My 4th Grade report card straight from Miss Bakarich herself

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The Path to TOTAL FOCUS, hard work & success

Writing a book doesn’t just involve a few dozen evenings with a cigar and a whiskey. It’s a 12 round Mayweather slugfest that takes place over months. I remember the reward of a cold six pack of beer after finishing a four-day mountain navigation course, living off the land, and dragging a 75-pound pack around […]

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