The Lost Art of Manhood: Chivalry in the Age of Chaos

In the backdrop of a fast-paced world, shifting paradigms, and ayahuasca-fueled enlightenment, there stands a fading silhouette—a beacon of hope for the nostalgists—the real man. Alright, picture this: Not that cartoonish dude, chugging a beer with a belly that could double as a small trampoline, harking back to the “golden era” when men were men […]

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The Power of Defaulting to Happiness

The landscape of the human experience is vast, but I’ve always found it peculiar that so many, including my past self, tread the tortuous trails of self-inflicted pain when the vast plains of happiness lay just a detour away. A lot of this, I’ve realized, boils down to a deceptively simple word we often shy […]

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The Power of Choice: Harnessing Our Response to Adversity

Life, with all its unexpected twists and turns, often unfolds in ways that are outside our control. It serves up a smorgasbord of experiences, some delightful and others challenging. Despite this unpredictability, there’s one element that always remains firmly within our grasp: our response. We cannot choose what happens to us. We cannot dictate the […]

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