It’s always perplexed me why some of my Navy SEAL brethren struggle to re-adjust to civilian life. They go from standing on top of the world to merely echoes fading into the digital void of social media.

In our era of relentless technological development (hello, Artificial Intelligence, I see you creeping around the corner), reinvention isn’t just desirable, it’s essential. And yet, so many – SEALs, jet pilots, professional athletes, industry professionals, even entrepreneurs – scale the heights of their respective fields, only to lose that momentum and slip back into obscurity. They go from roaring like lions to meekly bleating like lambs.

Consider Lancaster Gordon and Michael Jordan. You’d probably have to Google Gordon because his name is no longer echoed in the annals of basketball greatness. Yet, he was picked in the ’84 NBA draft over Jordan. He fell by the wayside while Jordan blazed a trail to legendary status. So, what makes some able to sustain excellence and others to fade into oblivion?

The truly great individuals make excellence their daily habit. They integrate it into the fabric of their lives. And one of the critical ingredients to this kind of unwavering excellence is mental toughness. But, like a hard-earned six-pack, mental toughness can diminish if not consistently exercised and honed.

In our extended lifespan, we all face trials and tribulations. The Stoics, gaining recent popularity through the words of Ryan Holiday, have stressed the importance of our relationship with adversity. Holiday’s book, “The Obstacle is The Way,” advocates for a shift in perspective – focusing on solutions rather than the problems themselves.

Viktor Frankl, in his profound book, “Man’s Search for Meaning,” suggests that there’s purpose to be found in a life brimming with struggles. Everyone, from you and me to Prince Harry, grapples with adversity.

In the months to come, I’ll begin to share my philosophy and system of mental toughness – a system that has been my guiding light since I left the Navy SEALs and my last position as the Naval Special Warfare sniper course manager.

This system, honed in the crucible of training world-class snipers, has been my compass through life’s storms – parenting, coaching little league, recovering from business failures, coping with the trauma of transition, and dealing with the pain of losing comrades in war. Because let’s be real: none of us, no matter how shiny and successful we appear on the outside, go through life without facing our own demons.

If you’re ready to make the commitment, to adopt these habits and transform your life, I promise you’ll emerge better for it. But a fair warning – this transformation is cloaked in hard work. There’s no cheat code, no magic potion. Just the grit of your will and the resilience of your spirit.

And hey, this is the crux of my upcoming book, so if you have any questions or thoughts, shoot them through the contact form on my mental toughness blog.

Till then, ride on!