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The Red Circle Audio Book Is Now Available: Bonus Content & Proceeds Support Spec Ops Charities

Hi everyone, Thank you for all the kind emails and your continued support. I produced this audio book on my own with the help of my a great partner in Tao Creative out of Los Angeles. I actually personally recorded the books introduction and gave personalized chapter intros that include insight not available in the […]

UPDATE: NAVY SEAL Watch Maker Rob Smith of RESCO Instruments & My New Red CIRCLE GMT Date (Limited Edition) Watch

In case you haven’t noticed. RESCO Instruments is the ONLY watch company that is Navy SEAL owned and operated in the world. Rob has been tinkering with watches since he was ten and long before he became a Navy SEAL. I served with him at TEAM THREE and always wondered why he would walk around […]

My New Icon

My good friend and fellow surfer Igor (also former Israeli IDF) helped me design this BW  icon. The original inspiration came from a collaboration by my friend Sean and his wife.  We originally wanted to combine the SEAL Land-Air & Sea elements into my initials.  The BW is tied to Neptunes Trident that ultimately represents […]