Navy SEALs

Tapping into the Mental Arsenal of a Navy SEAL Sniper

The Power of Visualization The mind’s ability to replicate real-world practice is an underutilized tool. A tidbit of wisdom imparted by an Olympic Gold Medalist, this technique can significantly bridge the gap between beginner and expert. Every newbie grapples with self-doubt until they demonstrate proficiency in their chosen skill. The solution? Practice relentlessly, even if […]

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COLD FEAR Cover Reveal

Finn’s search for his memory of one fateful night leads him to Iceland—only to be followed by an unhinged assassin intent on stopping him—in the riveting follow-up to Steel Fear, from the New York Times bestselling writing team Webb & Mann, combat decorated Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and award-winning author John David Mann. Disgraced Navy […]

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Why Excellence Matters Personally and Professionally

In mid-2006, after having run the SEAL sniper course for two and a half years, I finally decided to leave the service and go into the private sector. The entrepreneurial impulse was as much in my blood as aviation, maybe even more. So I decided to follow a dream that had been bubbling up throughout […]

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