Red Circle Foundation (RCF) Gala Recap

I started RCF last year just before losing my close friend Glen Doherty in Benghazi. I started the foundation as a way for me to personally give back to the Special Operations community. Our niche is Gap funding, and was shaped by my experience with the passing of my friend Glen, and how slow the government was to act in support of his family with regards to monetary assistance. Note: The CIA has paid out zero dollars, and the US government has paid the estate a few thousand dollars. This is what we, those of us who served in the military, call UNSAT. RCF, other charities, and his friends stepped up to cover over 40k in memorial expenses.

RCF’s main focus is on GAP funding. Helping families with financial assistance immediately, larger charities take time, and the government slower. Our other initiative is enrichment programs for kids called the John M. Zinn scholarship & enrichment program. This program got it’s kick start from Clifford Turk, and his generous donation, special thank you to the Turk’s.

Getting ready for lights out, dinner, and our live auction.
My sister, also RCF’s Executive Director

John was a friend, and teammate of mine, and we’re honored to name this after him. The Zinn’s and his beautiful wife Jackie have been a big help in shaping this program. Jackie gave an amazing talk at the Gala. The program is meant to help foster the father within these children. If dad is on deployment, or no longer here, then we have enrichment programs for kids to participate in activities that dad would want them in (Sports camp, surfing, language immersion, and others).

Our first annual Gala raised over twenty thousand dollars, and was a huge success. I’d like to personally acknowledge, and thank Megan Sievers of Veterans United Foundation for their support, executive director Maryke Webb, and our amazing volunteers:

Kelly Stoebner – Director of Development
Victoria West – Social Media Manager
Joanna Collins – Marketing and Community Outreach
Lori Doehan – Research and Grant Writer

Thank you to everyone (and the SOFREP crew!) for making this year a huge success, and setting us up for next year. The Gala in 2014 will be held on the USS Midway in San Diego, CA. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone, and some new faces for next year.

Over 80% of donations go directly to our mission, and our financials are posted quarterly. There are a lot of military charities out there, please research them carefully before you donate. At RCF we believe in authenticity, mission support, and transparency.

Thank you, your support is making a difference, and please “Go like the RCF facebook page!”