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My Latest Talk With Eye Consultants of Texas

The last part of September I had a chance to visit with Dr. Kirk Labor and his team at Eye Consultants of Dallas, Texas. Dr. Labor had read my book, The Red Circle, and shared my philosophy of striving towards excellence in life, and in any organization. He invited me to speak with his staff and friends at his facility in South Lake, and I’m always up for visiting the great state of Texas.  The people are always so friendly to us Veterans and the state is home to quite a few of my former teammates (Marcus Luttrell, Chris Kyle and Mike Ritland).

I was invited to sit in on a few Cataract procedures and actually assisted in a minor way with irrigating the eye (see below). Amazing stuff and I now know, and appreciate, the importance of getting a great surgeon like Dr. Labor. My own mother, last year, had complications with her Cataract surgery (wrong implant). When I spoke to her about my experience, and how impressed I was with Dr. Labor’s shop, she’d wished I’d met Kirk sooner and that he’d worked on her eyes. The best makes a difference.

I’ve been fortunate to tour plenty of U.S. companies when I was an active SEAL and after. Companies like Smith & Wesson, Nixon, ABC news, St. Martin’s Press, L-3, and many others. I can honestly say that Dr. Labor and his staff run an excellent facility and operation compared to these other organizations. They set the bar high, and are far ahead of the competition from my perspective.

I’d highly recommend his facility to anyone regardless of your geographic location. For now my own sniper eyes are good-to-go, if they start having problems I’ll have no problem flying to Texas.

Excellence matters and I want only the best working on my eyes.

Thanks Kirk, looking forward to next year.

Brandon out.