Since the 19th century, Altoids have been used to freshen up breath and have been commonly thought of as a “curiously strong mint.” They are packaged in a metal tin box that is easy to carry around and has a lot of appeal to it because the tin canister has a multitude of creative uses that it can be used for! Below is a list of 20 ways that you can use your empty Altoid tin can.
1.) First Aid Kit
You never know when you may end up with a minor cut or scrape, a splinter, or a rash. You can store band-aids, tweezers, and small travel sized ointments, and a thing of Neosporin in the Altoid tin can and you instantly have a small, portable first aid kit.
2.) Electronics Lab
If you are someone who likes to tinker, you can repurpose this canister to contain anything you might need to do a small project. It can carry an adjustable power supply, several ICs. and a breadboard. It has a simple LM317 circuit with the metal tab cut off.
3.) Charcloth Maker
If for some reason you are making a fire with flint and steel, you need something to catch the spark in so it turns into a real fire. The char-cloth is easy to make; you put strips of cotton fabric into the Altoid tin, close it tightly, make a hole on top, and place it in the fire to cook.
4.) Pocket games Chest
For portable analog gaming, you can store Altoids games in your bag and have fun and get several people involved so you all have a good time!
5.) Martini on the Go Kit
The Altoid tin is big enough to store olives, toothpicks, and a single shot of alcohol leaving a martini at the tip of your fingertips. You can simply get the tin can out and bam: you have a martini in seconds!
6.) Mini flashlight
Nick Brenn thought up this idea. There is an affordable kit you can buy that is made to fit an Altoid tin and makes it into a flashlight that can be stored in a pocket, purse, or anything else conveniently located to you.
7.) Portable BBQ Stove
You can make your own portable grill that is perfect for making a snack when you are on the go!
7.) Tin Valet
Keep track of the contents in your pocket by emptying them into your personal valet at the end of your day. It is big enough to fit your keys, coins, watch, and anything else!
8.) Survival Kit
This can carry matches, pocket knives, and anything else you could need to survive anything you may be up against in the wild!
9.) Covert dart gun
Soak a dart with a tranquilizer, take the tin out of your pocket, offer it to someone who annoys you, and shoot them right in the neck! no more annoyance.
10.) S’mores Pocket Snack Kit
Fill the Altoid tin with a graham cracker, chocolate squares, and mini marshmallows. Instant snack on the go!
11.) Pinhole Camera
All you need is some film and a light-tight box which the Altoid tin can fits the description of. You have an instant portable camera.
12.) Fire Starting Kit
weatherproof matches, ferrocerium, petroleum jelly, cotton balls, tampon, and a miniature magnifying glass. All the things you need to start a fire, and they fit into the tin with no problem.
13.) Morse Code Oscillator
This keeps out all of the 2.4Hz signals and creates a circuit so you can perform morse code! Portable, secret communication device.
14.) Pocket Watercolor Kit
Store your watercolors in the tin so you can whip out a piece of paper and paint whenever the mood may strike.
15.) Alcohol Stove
Use the Altoid tin as the fuel source for an esbit stove. A perfect stove for minimalists on the go.
16.) Emergency candle
Recycle remnants of old candles by pouring hot wax into the tin and adding a wick. store a match or two on top and you have a candle ready for any occasion.
17.) Urban Survival Kit
Fill the tin with things you may need to survive the urban jungle: extra money, chapstick, rubberbands, paperclips, bandaids. Anything you could need in a pickle.
18.) Tackle box 
Store your hooks, bait, and anything else you need to have for a spur of the moment fishing trip.
19.) Lipstick storage
Store your lipstick, chapstick, or vaseline to keep your lips hydrated and looking flawless.
20.) Coin Purse
Don’t leave your loose change jingling in your pocket or purse. Store it in the Altoid tin so you can have it in one place if you need it!