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Glen Doherty’s Big F’ng Party Memorial Weekend

Last night started with a killer block party in N. County San Diego, we shut the whole street down as friends, family and neighbors celebrated Glen’s life. Hundreds gathered in honor of Glen, the Winchester, Salt Lake, N. County, and Mil/SEAL crew all under one roof to celebrate.

It was a great party with kids crashed out from fun laying all over the lawn and long time friends reconnecting over good food and drink.

The next day we planned a paddle out in Glen’s honor.  My friend loved to surf, so we did what surfers do when they lose one of their own, we organized a morning paddle off Swami’s.

What’s a memorial paddle?

Participants in the memorial service paddle out to a suitable location with flower leis around their necks or with loose flowers (sometimes held between their teeth)., The participants then get into a circular formation, hold hands, and have a moment of silence. Sometimes they will raise their clasped hands skyward before tossing their flowers or leis into the center of the ring. Afterward, they paddle back toward the beach to begin their surf session.


We circled up off the coast of Encinitas, CA on a beautiful morning and bid a temporary farewell to our best friend. Our friends Marty and Sean did a great job pulling this off and for speaking for all of us as we said some final words and spread some of Glen’s ashes in the Pacific.


Afterwards I slipped a bold beer out from under my wetsuit, took a pull and passed it around among friends and went and caught two great waves. Once reaching the beach a pod of dolphins were circling where we laid ashes, and our leis and it was then that I knew that his spirit and energy were one with the ocean.


Tonight we have some black ops planned (more on that later in an update) and are headed to Del Mar for a private event also known as the BFP (e.g. a Big Fucking Party).

More to follow…