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Training with My Navy SEAL Trained Military Working Dog “Castor”. Yes He’s a Bad Ass…

This is me with Castor (Belgian Malinois) at my friend and former SEAL Teammate Mike Ritland’s property in Texas. Mike trains some of the best protection and Military working dogs in the world,hands down.

When I needed a special and highly trained dog I knew exactly where to go and called Mike straight away.

He has a great retired Military Working Dog (MWD) program and some of his retired dogs actually have enemy KIA. He refused to go into any sort of detail but I’m guessing that if these dogs can talk they would have some amazing stories related to High Value Target raids in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Brandon Webb and Castor

Mike put me through an intense two-day training course that really opened my eyes to the capabilities of these awesome dogs and how big a responsibility it is to own one.

Castor is a little guy at only 60 lbs but man does he have a big presence!  He and I are going to be good friends.