brandon webb navy seal and author

For the man who believes in always being prepared, effective tactical gear provides an increased level of safety and security in the case of an emergency. Ranging from pocket knives and bulletproof vests to night vision goggles and navigation equipment, the right equipment is essential when a crisis occurs. Not all tactical gear is created equal. In order to ensure that the right equipment is available when lives are on the line, there are 5 pieces of tactical gear no man should be without.

In addition, tactical gear is colorful, comfortable, and protective clothing, especially in outdoor environments. Protect your body when hunting, hiking, or camping. Provide yourself with the ability to navigate in the dark, function in bad weather, and look really cool in the process.

Tactical Backpack brandon webb navy seal and author

While most backpacks are sturdy, comfortable, and durable, the tactical backpack goes one step further. Designed to carry gear securely and efficiently, there are several models available.The Hunting backpack allows the diligent hunter to carry all the equipment needed to not come home empty-handed. This pack features water bottle pockets, hidden gun holster, and rifle holders on some models. Carry everything you need for the long hunt with comfort and efficiency.

Additional models include the comfortable and well-padded travel backpack, perfect for nature lovers and hikers. The breathable back, adjustable shoulder straps, and roomy compartments are ideal for campers and serial hikers. The range backpack has specialized compartments for guns, shells, goggles, and even a helmet, making it ideal for paintball and gun range outings.

Hand Mirror

You wouldn’t think a hand mirror is an essential item when it comes to tactical gear, but it can be as important as a bulletproof jacket. Get the upper hand in any combat situation with the specialized clips for batons when distance vision is needed. Ideal for room searches and looking around corners, the hand mirror is an essential tactical gear component.

Tactical Folding Knife

Overbuilt knives are essential for cutting through tough materials as well as handling a variety of situations. This knife fits easily in your back pocket, has a sharp edge, and folds easily to ensure safety when stowed away.

Military Watch

A tough, resilient, reliable watch is a critical piece of tactical gear. If you are into extreme sports or weather conditions, an ordinary watch will not fit the bill. Tactical watches are resourceful, durable, reliable, and will help you walk out of a burning building unharmed. This military watch will help keep you one step ahead of a crisis.

Tactical Jackets (And Pants)

No one is tactically prepared without a tactical jacket and pants. Be prepared for harsh conditions, guard against abrasions, and surmount bad weather with this tactical gear. Ideal for hunters and hikers, these jackets and pants may mean the difference between survival or failure when the conditions get tough.You don’t need to have an occupation in law enforcement or emergency services to own tactical equipment. Just like a helmet or fire extinguisher, tactical gear is just additional safety equipment to help you be responsible for keeping yourself and your loved ones alive in a crisis situation.