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We used to have two sayings in BUD/S (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL) training that goes, “It pays to be a winner…”, and “It’s easier to keep up than catch up…”.

These were lessons I learned the hard way in the “Goon” squad of first phase. This squad was where the slowest, special case, runners went after a six-mile conditioning run; so, while everyone else stretched and drank water, me and the rest of my miserable company where getting “extra” conditioning, sometimes it involved big logs.

Photo: The infamous log named “Ole Misery”, and boy does she like company…

So here we are, only one month away from the release of what I consider my best work ever, Among Heroes, and special thanks to my writing partner John Mann for prying it out of me and it still pays to be a winner, if you want a signed copy.

Signed Book Offer Timed Out

Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered the book. Look for special signings and offerings in the future for charitable events and SOFREP Team Room members.