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Tapping into the Mental Arsenal of a Navy SEAL Sniper

The Power of Visualization The mind’s ability to replicate real-world practice is an underutilized tool. A tidbit of wisdom imparted by an Olympic Gold Medalist, this technique can significantly bridge the gap between beginner and expert. Every newbie grapples with self-doubt until they demonstrate proficiency in their chosen skill. The solution? Practice relentlessly, even if […]

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Why Excellence Matters Personally and Professionally

In mid-2006, after having run the SEAL sniper course for two and a half years, I finally decided to leave the service and go into the private sector. The entrepreneurial impulse was as much in my blood as aviation, maybe even more. So I decided to follow a dream that had been bubbling up throughout […]

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Great and Terrible Leadership Examples in the Navy SEAL Teams

Throughout my time in the Navy SEALs, I saw striking examples of good, mediocre, and terrible leadership. When the leadership was good, it was life-changing. Nobody exemplified that more than Bob Nielsen, our division officer. In the short time we worked together, Bob was a tremendous role model and mentor for me. We talked every […]

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