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The Path to TOTAL FOCUS, hard work & success

Writing a book doesn’t just involve a few dozen evenings with a cigar and a whiskey. It’s a 12 round Mayweather slugfest that takes place over months. I remember the reward of a cold six pack of beer after finishing a four-day mountain navigation course, living off the land, and dragging a 75-pound pack around […]

How do you define Success?

One of my biggest problems with society today is the general acceptance of a narrow definition of success. I think most of the world believes “success” means having a job with a big salary, driving a luxury vehicle, living in an expensive house and then showing it off via social media. This is bullshit and […]

CZ 550 Urban Sniper Rifle Review: WEBB Score: 80 out of 60-100

The CZ550 Urban Sniper rifle I reviewed (pictured here) is chambered for 308win, has a Night Force scope (3.5-15 power) and the barrel is fitted to accept a SureFire suppressor (not tested). While I would not have this in my personal collection, this is a great utility rifle that would make a good deer rifle, be at home on the ranch and makes a decent […]