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The Duality of Fear

  In the vast, still waters of our existence, we occasionally find ourselves engulfed by waves of an unsettling emotion: Fear. Just as a pebble disturbs the tranquility of a pond, fear disrupts our peace of mind. In my book, “Mastering Fear” – I discuss that fear isn’t necessarily a demon to be exorcised, but […]

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Blind Fear: A Thrilling Descent into Puerto Rico’s Shadows

Welcome, my twisted compatriots, to the tumultuous world of “Blind Fear,” a thriller series that will grab you by the throat and plunge you into the depths of intrigue, danger, and the dark underbelly of Puerto Rico. I, Brandon Webb, former Navy SEAL, entrepreneur, and now author extraordinaire, invite you to join me on this […]

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Why Excellence Matters Personally and Professionally

In mid-2006, after having run the SEAL sniper course for two and a half years, I finally decided to leave the service and go into the private sector. The entrepreneurial impulse was as much in my blood as aviation, maybe even more. So I decided to follow a dream that had been bubbling up throughout […]

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Great and Terrible Leadership Examples in the Navy SEAL Teams

Throughout my time in the Navy SEALs, I saw striking examples of good, mediocre, and terrible leadership. When the leadership was good, it was life-changing. Nobody exemplified that more than Bob Nielsen, our division officer. In the short time we worked together, Bob was a tremendous role model and mentor for me. We talked every […]

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