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My Friend & American Hero: Glen Doherty

Glen Anthony Doherty July 10, 1970 – September 11, 2012 
Glen Anthony Doherty was the second of three children born to Bernard “Ben” Doherty, now of Charlestown, Mass, and Barbara Doherty, now of Woburn, Massachusetts. His older brother is Greg Doherty of Kensington, California, his younger sister Kate Quigley of Marblehead, Mass. The siblings were […]

CZ 550 Urban Sniper Rifle Review: WEBB Score: 80 out of 60-100

The CZ550 Urban Sniper rifle I reviewed (pictured here) is chambered for 308win, has a Night Force scope (3.5-15 power) and the barrel is fitted to accept a SureFire suppressor (not tested). While I would not have this in my personal collection, this is a great utility rifle that would make a good deer rifle, be at home on the ranch and makes a decent […]