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Featured image: This photo is a great and reminds me of why I put SEAL TEAM 3 down as my first choice for orders when I was filling out the form in BUD/S class 215.  Before the Naval Special Warfare Community reorganized under Force 21, each Team was responsible for a particular AO (Area of Operation).  At the time, TEAM 3 had the Middle East and that was where the action was pre 9-11 AND where I wanted to be.

Anyway, things have changed and all Teams share all AO’s these days but I have fond memories of my good friend Forrest Walker running GOLF platoon through 2-hour Immediate Action Drills (IAD’s) in 120 degree desert heat.  Nothing like rocking my M60 and 900 round load-out in concert with the other 60 gunners..chgg..chgg..chggg…..Damn sometimes I miss that. I wouldn’t trade my experience in the teams for anything.

-Brandon out.